If you want the course to be designed to your specific needs we offer one-to-one lessons of English, German, French or Bosnian.

Days and times are by arrangement.

A minimum of two academic hours must be booked per session. Lessons can be cancelled or re-scheduled, provided that one working day notice is given. Lessons may take place at Soros school or on the client’s business premises.

Course fees:

» One to one courses: 40 BAM per academic hour (45 minutes)
» One to two courses: 45 BAM per academic hour (45 minutes)
Fees are all inclusive of:

» Pre-course assessment
» Tailor-made course design
» Course materials
» Post-course testing
» Progress report
A member of

We offer classes in Bosnian for members of the International Community. These courses are designed to teach you how to use Bosnian in your everyday lives, not simply teach you the rules of grammar. There is a strong emphasis on spoken practice and functional knowledge of the grammar. You do not need any prior knowledge of either Bosnian or English to join the classes.

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»language is a system of communication and not just a set of rules. This is why we do not teach just grammar, but the whole language.

»learning is an active process, and that the learner has to take responsibility for his/her own learning.

»language learning requires a lot of practice. This is why we ask you to speak a lot in class.

»language learning involves the whole person, not just analysis of rules. This is why we ask you to talk about all aspects of the world.

»language ability is made up of a variety of skills, and this we why we do not focus on single language skills

»an effective learning takes place in a comfortable environment. This is why the classes may feel more relaxed than you are used to.

»everyone is different, and this is why we will take time to get to know you personally, so that we can better help you to learn.